April 11, 2022
JSC Gazprom trubinvest Laboratory accreditation to ISO/ IEC 17025:2005
January 12, 2022
JSC Gazprom trubinvest has received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018
November 18, 2021
JSC "Gazprom trubinvest" passed successfully a recertification audit of the QMS for the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

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The main features:
Pipes are made from coiled steel that ensures a narrow range of chemical composition, low percentage of impurities (sulfur, phosphorus) and inclusions, minimum difference in wall thickness in the final pipe.
The specified wall thickness of the coiled steel, the-state-of-the-art technology and high precision of the rolls ensure much better precision of geometrical parameters in the final pipe compared to the same seamless pipe. That allows us to make more precise calculations of the production strings and as a result to lower the cost.
In the pipe mill the inside and outside flash shall be removed. The outside flash is completely removed, the height of the inside flash shall not exceed 0.38 mm.
100% of welded seam is annealed that ensures weld seam structure normalization and equal strength both of the weld seam and the base material.
The technology and the equipment allow the application of round and buttress threads on pipe ends to national and international standards and licenses. New Premium threads (--1 to TU 1327-003-25955489-2010, --2 to 1327-011-25955489-2014) are implemented and patented.
Use of specially developed steel groups allows us to produce pipe to be used in cold resistance (18) and corrosion resistance applications (15).
Use of different steel groups (including 22, 25) and full-body heat treatment allows us to achieve the following grades:
  - , , , , , , , , (to GOST R 52203 and TU 14-3-31-2005);
  - J55, 72, N80Q, R95, L80 Type 1, 110 (to API Spec 5CT).
As agreed with the customer, the pipe of intermediate sizes and grades can be manufactured.
In order to protect pipe from corrosion during transit, the pipe is coated with the protective varnish with subsequent UV-drying at the unique system that ensures a quality coating and a long storage in severe weather conditions.

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