April 9, 2012.
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August 26, 2003.
Representative office of VRTZ is opened in Riga, Latvia.

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Volgorechensk Pipe Plant (VrTZ), a branch of «Gazpromtrubinvest» (a subsidiary of the public joint-stock company «Gazprom»), has begun manufacturing within the territory of the Russian Federation since 2000. The plant was established in order to organise pipe manufacturing and provide gas industry facilities with tubular products. High quality products are manufactured on the equipment supplied by the leading European companies.
Volgorechensk Pipe Plant is one of the most up-to-date factories in Russia and Europe. The main shareholders are «Gazprom» and RAO «UES of Russia». At present, Volgorechensk Pipe Plant is one of the newest and rapidly developing pipe works within the territory of the Russian Federation. The modern equipment allows the plant to produce high-quality products. The products have been certified in accordance with API-5L and API-5CT ; and the quality system in accordance with EN ISO-9002 by the certification body of TUV NORD (manufacturing supervision and control organization).

Pipes manufactured by Volgorechensk Pipe Plant exceed requirements of the applicable Russian standards (GOST) and the quality of products is highly rated by the representatives of the large gas and oil production companies (Tatneft, Rosneft, Beloyarneft, Purneftegaz, and others). The plant successfully provides its products on the international market.
The convenient geographical location of the plat in the centre of North-West region of Russia (close railroads and the large seaport - St. Petersburg, and also large raw material suppliers) reduces transportation costs and therefore the purchase price of the pipes.
Designed output of the plant allows production capacity of 300 000 tons a year.
The hi-tech equipment of the plant, the use of the latest technologies, research work of specialists of the plant, aimed to improve technical characteristics of the products, and highly qualified personnel of the enterprise allow to name Volgorechensk Pipe Plant «the enterprise of the future» providing the international market with the high-quality products at the domestic price.
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